Thursday, 7 March 2013

Art Books Public Domain

I have been scouting the web for information on Oil on canvas and other painting techniques.Its amazing the amount of information you can obtain from the web if you have the patience to really look for it.

Here is a tutorial that taught me more than I learnt from the course I am taking.

This is my favourite.

The exercises are really helpful and I was filled with a sense of acievement once I learnt these basic techniques.

Here another wonderful tutorial.

Field's Chromatography, by George Field has a lot of information on

You can learn about the various whites like zinc white and titanium white,lead white and when and why you should choose one over the other etc.

The picture below is from the book A Colour Notation- Project Gutenberg

HISTORY OF ART FOR BEGINNERS AND STUDENTS is another book I found in the Project Gutenberg collection. The size of the book is 25.22 MB.

There are quite a few black and white pictures in it. The two pictures below, I liked best.

Here is how you download books from project Gutenberg.

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