Thursday, 18 September 2014

Kerala Mural Painting : Free Online Class - Session III

Ornaments for Shoulders and Upper Arms

1 and 2 are both shoulder ornaments and may appear similar at first glance except for the centre 'a' and 'b'. But take a closer look.
  • At place where the rest of the ornament meets the centre, in 'a' there are sworls on either side of the centre and none in 'b'.
  • Also the two central lines in the main part of the ornament are not connected by those tiny parallel lines as in 'b'. Personally I prefer the one with the lines because when painting, the central gap is white and the tiny connectors are done in black. This adds a wonderful contrast to the overall finish of the picture
Ornament 3 starts at the shoulders and hangs to the elbows.
4 is just a more ornate varition for the tip of 3.

Ornament 5 belongs to the middle of the upper arm.

Onrnaments for Ears

There are different combinations for ornamenting the ears in Kerala Mural paintings. However the 3 mentioned below are the most common and more aesthetic.
  1. In 4, there is an ornament behind the ear with elaborate  long leaves emerging from it. But the ear lobe itself is bare. Use  6 or 7 for the ear lobe.
  2. Now observe 5. You see just the leaves emerging from behind the ears and again the ear lobe is bare. You can use 1, 2, or 3 on the earlobes.
  3. Sometimes the ear itself is left bare and the ornamentation as in 4 including the leaves is moved to the ear lobe; however, if you do this, remember to complete the other half of the main ornament. You can also replace the main ornament in 4 with 1, 2 or 3.
In the next session we, look into embellishments on garments and hair.

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